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Co-Founder & President

International Association of Palliative Marketing

International Association of Palliative Marketing (IAPM) is a global association that brings together experts and enthusiasts from various disciplines, united by a shared desire to redefine marketing and the market in a more authentic way. We believe in adopting a trans-disciplinary approach to reshape marketing and make a positive impact worldwide. Together, we can create a more "authentic" and sustainable society.

Phd dissertation

Palliative Marketing: Unveiling the Marketing of Palliative Care

My doctoral dissertation investigates the relationship between Marketing and Palliative Care. On the one hand, it explores how marketing can help palliative care; on the other hand, it shows what palliative care can teach to marketing.


Projects - In progress

From Neighborhood to Home: the Role of Compassionate Storytelling as a Cure for Ontological Pain


Stay tuned.

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